Site of Horror: CISV Uruguay.

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It took me an Nic (GBR)  half a night to find a website that was worse than CISV Great Britain's. But in the end we did find one: CISV Uruguay's. Sadly enough, CISV Uruguay doesn't exist anymore. But they're waving flags shall be animated forever.

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Oh my god, this one is indeed really bad.

Today I got mistaken for a Uruguayan once again... I don't know why this happens, but many people in Spain seem to find me Uruguayan-ish?

I took a look at the site at 23h00 and besides the waving flags I got this message embedded into the site:

"It's almost midnight...Aren't you sleepy yet? Do you work tomorrow ?"

Talk about scary stuff. Try it out yourself.

(I'd love to see similar quotes for 03h00, 06h00 and 12h00).

Hahaha, actually I saw it around 23.00 here too, and wondered if they'd change it for the other times of the day as well...

Well guess what! Now it's 12.14 here in Madrid and this is what I got:

"NOON !! What are you going to have for lunch ?
Mediodía !! Qué vas a almorzar ?"

(Oh, I also loved the colonial approach to the language-flags.)

right now this is what it'll tell you:

"It's 1 PM...aren't you hungry ??"

this is a funny page, i'm scared i might get addicted (at least until i know what it says at all hours...)

09h25: "Good Morning! Have you had your breakfast ?"

I want that script, man...

18.13 says: "Coffee Break !! It's 6 PM, time for a snack"

11h00 is BORING: " Hi there !"

It's almost 8 PM. I think you should take a shower.

Son casi las 8 PM. Me parece que te tenés que ir a pegar una ducha.

"pegarse una ducha" is a very Uruguayan (and hilarious) expression!
Let's try to put the script together and walk around at AIM with signs that say these things at each of the times? Cause that would be funny.

Do View Source in your browser, it is all statically programmed at the top of the page... :)

"Wow ! It's 7 AM and you're online... you are a computer-person."

Ha! Lars that's genius!

Here's the script:
if (hr ==1)
document.write("Good morning! 1 AM and still your going! ")
if (hr ==2)
document.write("Hey, it's past 2 AM! The bars must be closed!")
if (hr ==3)
document.write("Hey, it's after 3 AM! Are you a vampire or what?")
if (hr ==4)
document.write("4 AM? You're staying up late, huh.")
if (hr ==5)
document.write("Whoa! It's almost daylight and your still going!")
if (hr ==6)
document.write("Hey, isn't it too early to be using your computer?")
if (hr ==7)
document.write("Wow ! It's 7 AM and you're online... you are a computer-person.")
if ((hr ==8) || (hr == 9) || (hr ==10))
document.write("Good Morning! Have you had your breakfast ?")
if (hr ==11)
document.write("Hi there !")
if (hr ==12)
document.write("NOON !! What are you going to have for lunch ?")
if (hr ==13)
document.write("It's 1 PM...aren't you hungry ??")
if (hr ==14)
document.write("It's 2 PM. Isn't it lunch time ?")
if ((hr==15) || (hr==16) || (hr==17))
document.write("Good Afternoon!")
if (hr ==18)
document.write("Coffee Break !! It's 6 PM, time for a snack.")
if (hr==19)
document.write("It's almost 8 PM. I think you should take a shower.")
if ((hr==20) || (hr==21) || (hr==22))
document.write("Good Evening ! ")
if (hr==23)
document.write("It's almost midnight...Aren't you sleepy yet? Do you work tomorrow ?")
if (hr==0)
document.write("It's midnight... do you ever sleep?")

And a gem that doesn't work on my computer (luckily?):

WOW! Last night when I got my message I was definitely puzzled. Now I realize this changes throughout the day!

Maru, this is great! The script could almost be used as a camp schedule.

It's almost 8 PM. I think you should take a shower.

And they are right :P

haha Maru. I didn't know you had programming knowledge :)

Now I want to know who put together these excellent reminders/ gems of knowledge. Maybe we've judged this site too harshly, what other CISV site reminds you to eat breakfast?

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