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I was just browsing through the website of AFS Germany's 60th anniversary, when I discovered they also hosted a research conference. I ckecked out the poster sessions page and was quite surprised to see our ex-ex-ex-EDR-chair listed #1...

Entering the post Devils era...

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Since CISV Devils will go away (reasons can be found on that website), this is my new home for all matters related to CISV. Compared to the Devils website, here I'd like to keep a more open format, not restriced to proposals (or "crap") - also it's a more personal place. Stuff I write here is purely "Nick", not CISV international, not IJB, just me. It's also hosted on my own server, so it's really, really "inofficial". I called it "From The Balcony", becuase I'm sure some of my comments will remind you of the two grumpy old men in the Muppet Show, who fight and always complain. I don't see myself quite there yet, in fact I hope the stuff I will be writing here will be constructive and inspiring. Check out the About page to see more background on the motives behind this blog. 

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