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Editorial Note.

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I'm almost back in cold, cold Europe from exile, so you can expect some new juicy content from next week on. Until then, please consider Martha's suggestion for a new CISV tagline:


Google Wave.

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How can CISV use this new (overhyped?) communication tool?

In a much-covered move, Google presented Wave last autumn as a brand-new communication tool. As a mix of e-mail, Wiki, Facebook and Chat it may have the chance of becoming the next big internet tool. In my experience CISV has often been fast in embracing new communication tools - no wonder: The organization is world-wide and money is scarce, but almost everybody is well-connected.

If you're not sure, what I'm talking about, please check out this longish video, it is actually quite fun watching.

As a first step, I would like to invite everybody to get an account. It's not open yet, but I have a ton of invites left, so please send me an e-mail (ftb@absolutpicknick.de), if you haven't been invited yet. If others have invites left, please leave a comment below.

Then I would like to invite everybody to discuss, how CISV could use Google Wave. Please post suggestions in the comments section. If people already have experiences (I know people at the Writeshop a week ago in Newcastle tried it), I would be curious to learn about how it worked for you.

Editorial Note.

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Some of you may have been wondering, why your comments haven't been posted straight away - it's because I had to confirm them one by one in order to spare you the flood of about 10 spam comments a day. Sitting in a Wifi cafe today, I managed to set up a Captcha-system, that will make commenting a little bit more annoying but save me a whole lot of work. Hope things work fine now.


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Karo/GER ran From The Balcony through the Worlde application. This is the result, depicting the most common used words:


Per ist the most famous indiciudal, Great Britain the most prominent NA. But everything is dwarfed by the word "administration". Interesting.

Editorial note.

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I've switched location from our balcony-less appartment to a wonderful wifi-less appartment in Valle Grand Rey, La Gomera for the rest of the month. I hope you all had a good start into the new year, but don't don't expect too many exciting posts in January. Be sure to check back in February - until then my focus is on the sunsets...

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