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CISV shirts archive needs help.

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For a while now I haven't really been checking whether everything was still going well with the T-Shirt archive I created almost 4 years ago. Now I discovered that most of the old pictures somehow disapeared from the blog. It took me a while to figure out, that apparently Flickr had moved the location of the picture files to a new server, so that the source code on the blog just didn't work anymore.

Unfortunately I guess there is no other way than to hand-code the correct links back into the blog posts, which is a pain in the ass. I've asked for some help on the website and on facebook - hopefully I'll get some support. According to my stats, about 20-30 people visit the page daily, so hopefully somebody will jump in.

I also added a Google Connect gadget, where people can sign up as "fans" of the CISV shirts page, although I'm a little sceptical whether this will really be used. There are a few other gadgets tat Google offers, that look promising. At any rate, it has always been my dream to turn the T-Shirt website into a real database - so that people could keep adding data like "designer", "year"; "available colors" oh and also something like "can be ordered from x". But that will require some more work, and right now my short-term goal, is to fix the bugs that it has today...

ASK Video.

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This video featuring German NRJ Paul and a mysterious pirate girl with sunglasses is just hilariuos.

I found the link the new IJB Thinks (login: ijb.guest, password cisv4all), which for some reason wasn't sent to me directly, which I think is a scandal. But I guess with 31, I'm not automatically included in JB e-mail lists any longer...

The IJB Thinks issue also inludes s nice referal to the Devils website:

After several years of remarkable proposals, CISV
Devils will cease its publishing by December 31st! 
It will remain open for future reference and some
post-mortem commenting, though.  Don't miss the
chance to send your challenging proposal in.

I love the "post mortem commenting".

About 6 years ago CISV Sweden launched a new website that was so much ahead of any other CISV website, I was very impressed. CISV Denmark and Norway were smart enough to take advantage, and re-use the design instead of creating their own versions.

Last week CISV Sweden relaunched a new website, that yet again looks great, interactive, up-to-date and even follows international branding guidelines. Compared to that, virtual CISV International looks dull, boring and static. How about the international organisation follow Denmark and Norway's example and re-uses the work already completed?

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