IO update still sucks.

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Just recently I started receiving IO updates again - through a new CISV Germany e-mail list. Apparently, the only changes that have been applied in the last four years are:

  1. IO contact information at the bottom
  2. Colors coding what is really new
  3. Format change from .doc to .pdf
(I'm sure there are more, but this post is polemic, as you might have guessed by the header)

The newsletter is a key information tool inside the organization, and contains a ton of really important information, so why the hell is it designed to bad? So, dear IO, if you read this, here are my suggestions:

  • Scrap the PDF and put the content directly into the e-mail. We've passed the age where only information is regarded important if inside a document. And if some people still do, why must everybody else suffer? A newsletter is much more readable if it can be found directly in the body of an e-mail. It's not like the layout is very fancy or anything, in fact, the two-column layout is crap for screen-reading and for the love of the rain-forest - printing IO-updates should not be encouraged.
  • Scrap the color-codes. If information is really really important, then publish it twice. But the color codes only make people read the red text only (at least I do). Also, important stuff, like date changes, should be communicated through several different means - like through a website, through a camp-e-mail list, through the committees...whatever, just not three times in a row through the same means.
  • Sort the deadlines underneath the respective headings not all together at the beginning. This will allow people in specific position (e.g. chapter seminar camp chair) to concentrate on that section of the IO update.
I believe with these changes the IO update could shrink to at least half of its current size, and help communicate whatever is really important.

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I cannot agree more on this. IO updates really sucks. I would even move to a blog instead...

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