CISV loves Microsoft...or not?

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In 1996 I participated in my first NJBC (national junior branch conference) in Germany. I joined a working group that discussed the question whether CISV could make any money by selling its name to a corporation in the sense that a corporation would give CISV money in order to be able to say: We are not an evil company, because we support CISV. The general opinion in our working group was: Who the hell would pay for the name CISV, that nobody has ever heard of?

Now...please have a look at this video.

I have no clue what or if CISV got anything for it, but isn't it a bit irritating?

On the other hand: Jakob Nielsen, an internet usability guru, recently tested company intranets, and almost half of the winners use Micsrosoft Sharepoint. So I guess it's cool that we are using that software.

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We got the license of sharepoint for free...

apparently worth 40.000US$?
or something.

And I was in a workshop that they were trying to film people for this video using sharepoint, but almost everyone had Macs...! heheh

haha, we totally owned them, we got free commercial and free sharepoint, guess their name cleaning was worth a lot...

I think it stinks. i don't care what we got for it, it was not worth it. CISV is not about this sort of corporate crap. i really hate the movement toward slick branding and consumerist bull that some people are pushing CISV in the direction of these days. it really makes me sad. there are a lot of tools out there that we can use to communicate without selling out and prostituting our organization.

Hmmm...all in all I guess I'm in for the pragmatic approach: Why not accept presents if it doesn't change the way we work. On the other hand I do understand Tatiana's view of being disgusted by the selling out to corporations. Difficult...

Well, not that CISV names bring anything to Microsoft really, while they software is actually helping out running our organization consistently.

We use Sharepoint in my company and it is a quite useful tool. Especially if many people work on the same document. And just like a wiki it keeps track of what you manipulated.. And yes, it is so expensive. Well, especially the customization in order for it to best support the processes within CISV...
I think it is good to have a professional partner. We can't just say that global organizations "should do something for the community". We also have to accept their offers.
Cheers, Hendrik (GER)

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