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Here's another animated talk from the RSA where Dan Pink talks about what motivates us to do stuff. It's an absolute must-see, because some important conclusions can be drawn that heavily affect how we run a volunteer organisation. If you believe in the stuff he says, you'll have to drop the concept of "pay-lunteering" entirely and "hackathon"-typ work models is the way to go. I even believe, Pink implicitly explains, why the phenomenon  "volunteer organization CISV" works at all...

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I love it. I had it on my IJBC 2010 idea doodles in my notebook! It's definitely a brilliant take on volunteering.

CISV should hire RSA to do the "Intro to CISV" video that Nick has talked about. It would make a great fixture on the front page of our website, no?

He does explain why CISV as a volunteer organisation works. But he also says that people need enough money to get the money issue off the table, which is why we sometimes "pay-lunteer" people who otherwise wouldn't be able to work for free.

Very good video though

Excellent point, Zé. If we can get somebody a student job, so that person doesn't have to work in a bar or otherwise, he or she can concentrate full on CISV (next to studying of course ;) ).

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