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A solution for some of our technology challenges?

I've recently taken part in an e-mail and Skype discussion on the future of CISV's use of technology. We have some important websites - cisv.org, friends, resources - that are used a lot, but desperately need a makeover and fresh updates. After relying on volunteers on these things in the past, the general plan these days is to hire a company to get the job done reliably.

Everybody knows, there are a ton of clever geeks among the CISV crowd, but how to get them together to fix such a huge and complicated problem?

Alex' recent comment on my Wiki post inspired the following idea:

Let's organize a CISV hackathon (Wikipedia explanation here)!
Lot's of big tech companies, like facebook, get vast amounts of programming work done this way, so why can't we? Let's try and gather fly in a bunch of clever CISVers together for a week, lock them in at a place with a broadband internet connection and let them have a take on it! It's probably cheaper and loads of fun, and the results could be amazing and also rewarding.

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This is like THE perfect idea!
some tools definitely need a makeover.
CISVFriends for example should turn a little into a online community, at least, I'm sure people are missing a 1(!) CISV online community.
We have a lot of tools, but we should centralize them more, people shouldn't look for them, or find out after months.. Specially for Junior Branch.

We do sit together with people who are interested in international meetings, and I'm always really motivated, but I end up being (mostly) the only geek among people who have lot's of great idea's but cant put them into some technical wonders (well, we don't expect wonders, but we aim for the best).

Next to our (almost) static official CISV information site, we should have a place for CISVers (to hang out and tools for example), and a place for CISVers behind CISV (to work). Centralizing a bit.. :)

Count me in for a hackathon! :)

I am all in favour of anything that can get us more Hockey players in the IT section of CISV. Often there is a lot of talk, and less willingness to do things in the long run. :)
(Add to that the tendency that people only want to do what they want to do, using the technology they know today...)

Nick: Be careful, you might get invited. ;)

Frank: We always want geeks that are willing to hack? So if you are in there are things to be done. :) Contact me on itc@cisv.org.

In a somewhat related process, Slate Magazine (an interesting site anyway) is trying to create what they call "Nimble Cities" by consolidating global ideas to improve transportation systems. I thought some FTB readers might be interested in both the process and the results!


Thanks so much for that link! I love Slate and hadn't come across that yet :)

I'm in. Name the time and place!

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