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Atomic bombing of Nagasaki on August 9, 1945.

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Suggested Theme.

These days, Barack Obama is gathering world leaders in Washington to discuss the future of nuclear security. A good time to consider the topic for CISV! So many things are connected to the topics we deal with:

  • Does the existence of nuclear weapons support or disrupt world peace?
  • Is nuclear energy a solution to global warming?
  • How to solve the issue with Iran's nuclear ambitions?
They're all highly political questions, but CISV could provide the setting to get a clearer picture and discuss different opinions. I remember an activity on this topic during my Seminar Camp, that was quite intense.

I suggest taking the chance that the newspapers are full of great articles these days in order to set up a theme package.

Oh...and wouldn't the title "Nuclear Minicamp" sound sexy?
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This is indeed a great topic for a seminar, minicamp or even an AIM... Anybody want to plan a session about this for the AIM in Berlin?

what about cultural relativism (I am thinking af course about gender issues: treatment of women which is seen by some to be inhumane but is claimed by others to be religion / tribal / etc...

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