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You have been working hard to make the world a better place, and we've noticed. We want to show our love for your work by offering your organization a chance to gain the attention it deserves.

Through Free Range's 2009 Youtopia Grant, we are offering up to $15,000 worth of design and/or strategic communications services from our menu of core offerings: strategy consulting, identity design, web design, print design, and online movies. We will be awarding two grants--one to a socially responsible business and the other to a non-profit working for social change.

CISV fundraisers unite and get a proposal ready before October 31st!

Details are here.

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Wow, fantastic - strategy consulting would fit brilliantly with the new strategic plan, and online movies and web design could help out some of the NAs without the money to boost theirs. I've always wanted program based commercials that we could run when we have openings in a certain area. Where's the application?

I've suggested this before ( One project I've been dreaming of, are short introductory movies to our programmes and philosophy: Seminar Camp in 3 minutes, Educational values in 3 minutes. These could be presented on our websites, ideally translated in all necessary languages. A grant like this could make this possible.

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