CISV Hacks: Wufoo.

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Usually after the German "Herbsttagung", our national board meeting in fall, we hand out paper evaluations to figure out, what could be done better at this meeting. Last year, for the first time, we decided to use an online version instead: Wufoo offers fantastically easy forms, that anybody, really anybody, can create. You chose the questions, the available answers, and the web service does all the calculations, graphing and creates an overview report. A link to the questionnaire page was sent out right after the meeting to all the participants, and a huge majority actually participated.

There are some draw-backs, of course: Some people aren't as comfortable or concentrated when filling in online forms, but anyway: We used it again at the "Frühjahrstagung" and I really recommend it as an alternative to paper evaluations.

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Ha. I sort of hate the new IJR in advance for not having to do the graphs after IJBC themselves. :)

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