IJB Podcast.

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Innovating as always, IJB is exploring new methods of communication, and has just published their newsletter "IJB Thinks" as a podcast.

Listen for yourself.

Besides being a technical masterpiece (Maru, how the hell did you compile all this?), it's really nice to hear the voices of people involved in IJB around the world.

Personally, I prefer reading information, because I can determine the speed of "consumption" by myself, and not the speed of the speaker (Some of them are quite rapid actually...especially John Lennon).

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Change is good...and hearing the IJB Thinks was enjoyable for a change :)

Would I want every IJB Thinks to be like that? Not really... I'm loving how every new IJB Thinks is bringing it's own twist (Got to hand it in to Maru for the amazing ideas and the quiet nice job she is doing as an editor for this publication - Chapeau Bas!)

This gets me to wonder how the next one will be like...videos maybe? Something even beyond? A mixture of everything? I don't know...but I AM eager to find out and see what the IJB really is thinking! :)

Hello there!

Thanks Nick and Hani for the nice comments and the support. Technical masterpiece? Haha, flatter my MacBook! There's nothing you can't do with GarageBand. :)

I have to agree, as much as it's really refreshing and enjoyable to hear people's voices expressing their thoughts, it's a bit tiring. As Nick said, what I like about written publications is the fact that I can read them at my own pace, start from the end, the middle, or the beginning, make myself some coffee while I'm halfway through... But then for once, having the publication "come alive" with sound gives it another dimension. And it was exciting to do that. Much more exciting than I initially expected!

But again, as I said, it's tiring – for the editor too. Putting it together takes more time than putting together a written thing, because unlike when you edit a pdf: it's not easy to leave blank spaces when you're recording a podcast.

And these, among many other reasons, are why I kept saying "SPECIAL EDITION" all over it. In my head, it's important to push the limits of what we think we can achieve. But maybe not all the time. And maybe this can call our attention towards the resources we have already, and make them better. I won't start a regular IJB Podcast thing... probably in a couple of months, the excitement would wear off anyway. I hope that we keep pushing the limits content wise, and make the next IJB Thinks even better.

It already has a theme.

(And nope, no videos, hahaha, no more hardcore multimedia editing!)

Hugs to everyone and thanks for the support!

PS Nick, it's very funny, because I wrote this email to the ex-IJR list yesterday, telling them about IJB Thinks and the podcast and stuff, and I also mentioned your blog... when I came in to copy the link, I found this post! :)

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