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Editorial note: Migrating after Spam Wars.

If you subscribe to the comments of FTB you must have noticed, that I'm losing hte Spam War these days: Most spam comments got caught by the system but some made it through the Captcha system. It's a real big pain, because I wouldn't even want the Captcha there in the first place, so that the commenting (which isn't happening very much these days anyway) threshold is lower. Things are a bit complicated, because Movable Type - the blog software I'm using - isn't being updated anymore. I tried to install a new Captcha system, but that didn't work out.

So, I took the chance and migrated everything over to Wordpress. And it only took me less than 2 hours to set up: I know, it looks like any other wordpress blog, but whatever. It's the content that counts, right? And: You now have an easy URL to remember! Also, I don't have to worry about updating the blog software any longer and will hopefully archive the stuff forever. And of course, I'm hoping that Wordpress, which is the most popular blogging software these days, gives me better control of Spam.

So, please:
Change your bookmarks to
Change your RSS-Reader to
Change your Comments RSS-Reader to
If you're following by e-mail, go to and click on the grey link in the bottom right corner...

Any feedback welcome, but only on the new site, Thanks!

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