Peri-Bali Hiatus.

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Editorial Note.

My dear readers* - after the much discussed post on "old and new chapter", updates have become quite rare aound here: I've always had the goal of posting two articles every week (one long, one short), and I'm far from it. I've been obsessed with cycling lately, had a few visits from friends, and was also busy otherwise with my job and family. Speaking of which - Martha has the habit of stealing that very hour in the evening that I usually do CISV stuff by being an incredibly annoying child when it comes to going to sleep.

Anyway, I'm thrilled that the IEC/IO has apointed me as the co-ordinator of the AIM-communication-team - which means I will be participating at AIM in Indonesia and reporting through different social media and websites about what is happening around there to anybody who cares, and couldn't make it to Bali. If you have any suggestion or ideas how this "AIM-reporting" would suit you  best, I'll be happy if you could leave something in the comments.

Otherwise our plane is leaving tomorrow, so posts in the next weeks will be rare and most likely there will be no motion-bashing this time round. Also during AIM I will be concentrating on my CISV job instead of my CISV hobby.

CISV from the balcony will come back with more regular and slightly obnoxious posts as usual in late August.

*it's the first time I'm starting a post like that. I guess I'm building a relationship here. Or I'm egocentric (=stupid) enough to think I have a fanclub - at any rate, I think it sounds cool.

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i would like some sort of newspage with just like "this is the motion discussed now, different issues trustees have with it, the discussion, the result" but then also a page with thoughts of people about it, like more indepth and even personal/subjective opinion about the motion... at least with those that are interesting enough to discuss... so kindof like a daily newspaper and a weekly newspaper, one for news, one for thoughts/analysis... this is my first time being aware of aim and not being there and i think i will miss the actual discussions about various topics most... maybe not even just motions, so i would like that a lot!

oh and live streams would be a perfect waste of time while im studying :)

Let us know here on FTB on how we follow AIM virtually!

I would emphasize frequency. If you use twitter, a blog, FB or whatever the importance needs to be frequency - and photos. It is more important to get comments out there than to write long essays. Maybe combined with longer FTB-style posts in between.And pics are always fun.

FYI I have CISV from the balcony bookmarked so it's just only a click away => yes, you do have a fan club in the face of me!

I would enjoy lots of tweets wot pictures, Instagram. No necessarily a lot of long blog posts. But often. Thanks!


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