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CISV Norway and Colombia seem to being applying some rare talent regarding project development, fundraising, marketing and the use of social media. Beyond all the NGO-speak I'm a little lost what the project is really about, but that doesn't really matter: If CISV NAs want to attract external funds and do things outside our 7-programme-box, this is a fine example of how to do it.

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Indeed interesting, and indeed vague. Strange to see that for a CISV project the working hours are defined - and given that pocket money is involved I assume work contracts, work visas and so on needs to be set up as well.

Looking forward to see what this turns into.

The devil in me would still ask the question; is this what we should focus our money on?

In all fairness (I just learned about this project, thus this late comment) the project is fully fionanced by the Norwegian council for youth organisations (or indirectly by the Norwegian tax payers) so if you are worried about CISV money being spent - fear not. If you by "we" and "our" money refer to the Norwegian government's money, your question is still valid.

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