Police Quarrels.

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Louisa/POR tells us this funny story:

This weekend we hosted a mini camp with more than 300 participants! (divided in 3 different sites- village- interchange- summercamp). That is a great number and a big fuss for our only chapter of course. But the funny part is that we had 300 participants, their parents and 6 buses at the same place in central Lisbon so the police gave us a ticket for a non-declared demonstration!!!! We will have to pay from 700 to 3500 euros for this big- non reported to the authorities- event!!!! I guess now it sounds funny and we are proud to be this big but the pay-day will hurt...

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That is somewhat absurd... that said; would be interesting to know in which countries singing the CISV Song on a central square or similar could be illegal...

On Peace Day last year we wanted to give out CISV/POD flyers in Downtown Beirut but the police wouldn't let us in the main square of Downtown (the most touristic square: Place De L'Etoile) where the parliament is. They told us we could do it anywhere but in that square, which sounded absurd, because if they want to prohibit it, they should everywhere or nowhere!

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