CISV vs. Politics.

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In 1999 Sebastian/MEX presented a PowerPoint during IBM in Brazil, 4 years later the Local Work Committee had a presentation on the same topic. I've touched the issue here on FTB, now the IJRs are having a go:

Hopefully politics will someday find their way into our definitely not "non-political" organization.

PS. Paul's epilogue is fantastic - ever considered a TV career?

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ha, i just need to be discovered :D
plus my epilogue was written for me

Glad to see the video made its way to the balcony. It would be great to get as many contributions as possible for this issue, the more opinions we have the better! Remember the new tweeting feature!

Now I feel slightly more pressured to produce a super quality issue... thanks Nick :)

Well paul, great actors don't write their lines themselves you know!

I recently read an article on marketing for non-profit organization. I know why CISVers would want to keep CISV "private" but at the same time, it doesn't have half the impact it could if more people took part in it..

Patricia - could you elaborate? What kind of article? And why would CISVers want to keep the organuzation small? (I tend to agree, but think it's more the way things are, than a conscious decision, i.e. "we could be huge if we wanted" is just not true.)

This "keep private" game seems to be a "my favorite unkown band paradox", wich is that feeling of triyng to keep that very special thing you really love away from the masses. At the same time, it would be cool for your lovely band if more people had a chance to know about it's existence.

What I mean is.. Doris Allen gave to mankind her lovely idea, then, CISV belongs to us. By the same way, we must see CISV not as 'our cisv' but see it as 'their cisv', the lovely idea that belongs to the next generations, all sort of people, wherever.

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