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Anybody present at the AIM 2006 in Sweden will remember the silly superpower game that Bebbe and I started during preAIM, and made it all the way until the last day, when almost everybody had a silly superpower. A few days ago I discovered the following website:

Superuseless Superpowers
- sounds familar, right?

I know I was Swapo-Man - the guy who could swap his superpower with anybody else. I also remember a few others:

  • Femme Familiar, the girl that always looks like somebody you know.
  • Captain Plancton - who could transform into plancton (who would want to??)
  • Advisory Man - the hero that has the best advice - just 5 minutes too late.
Remember your superpower? Please leave a comment.

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Ability to mold butter into any shape whatsoever... one example: if a building is on fire, I can mold a stick of butter into a ladder to potentially help people trapped. Unfortunately, the butter would not hold human weight, and more to the point, it would melt... rendering the power, in most cases, completely useless!

I could talk to trouts, but they couldn't talk to me.



I had the quickest reaction time possible. The problem was my reactions were so over the top that it always made the situation a lot worse.

Funny enough, Bebbe sneaked the Swapo-Man nametag into my wallet in Portugal. I'm glad it wasn't Captain Plancton!

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