Gapminder (NGOYSK) and CISV in bubbles.

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Non-governmental organisations you should know (NGOYSK), is a new section in this blog, where I will present organisations, that I find interesting and relate to the work of CISV.

So today I'd like to present Gapminder. Before I tell you anything, please, please, please, can you spare 20 minutes to look at this wonderful, wonderful, wonderful talk. In fact, I like to say, that this is probably the best, funniest and most entertaining presentation I have ever heard. Have you ever followed a lecture in your university, where the presenter sounded like a football world cup match commenter? Now watch:

The way I understand it, is that Gapminder offers a software and data that helps the world where development is happening, and where help is needed. As you can see from the video even well-educated people have wrong ideas on which countries are poor, undeveloped or even starving.

Now, Google offers the software to create those animated bubble graphics for free, so I decided to give it a try and created one for the development of CISV between 1998 and 2007 of the first 6 countries in the alphabet: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil and Bulgaria (data from the annual reports):

(Click here for a larger version)

Click the play button and you will see how CISV Austria increases their number of chapters (a structural reform) which is followed by a strong jump forward in hostiing and participation. Also you can see how Brazil grows strongly in the ninetees, but then continues to fall especially in the number of hosted camps while participation stays roughly the same. You may call me a statistical maniac, but I'd love to see somebody enter more countries and years into database and we'll watch how CISV developed globally in the past - in fact, I've enabled free-for-everybody-editing on the original spreadsheet, so if you like, you can add your country's numbers as well.

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WOW! Such a nice software to use! The first thing that struck me was how cool it would have been if we had used it at IJBC to do the graphed evaluation we did (the equalizer). this should definitely start being used by CISV! Thanks Nick!

Would be nice to ask IO to prepare spreadsheets with a lot of different parameters and trying to analyzing trends...
This is definitely an ODC task that could tell a lot about our organization :)

wow this is really cool!!! would be interesting to do one on the development of CISV like from the beginnning with different colors for the different statuses of the countries (NA, PA) with their sizes growing as participation grows and such.

Though what I would really like to see is the effect we have on the world if any. I assume that is impossible to find proof of. Still it could erase the doubts that are present in many of us, it could show the CISV-ers and also the people we want to spread the word to that we actually are making the world a better place.

I could use some data and have a hobby of making statistics in my spare time with nice colored moving bubbles (cos it's fun!). :)

I'm actually compiling some numbers to track CISV back to the days before 1996, but you'll have to give me some more time - stay tuned to the Balcony!

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