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Our Internet was down for more than a week, so sorry for the lack of updates recently. Now it's back and the year is almost over,  so here's a few thoughts on FTB in December 2010:

CISV from the Balcony is now almost two years old. The number of readers is growing steadily, most of all the people following on Facebook. Over the years there have been times, when I was less motivated to come up with new stuff, or just too busy to wrap my head around CISV at all. But it usually comes back, and there are days when I search all recent Twitter updates for CISV for new inspiration and draft 5-10 posts for future publication.

I'm not sure FTB will continue forever - not only does it require some effort, but also I'm afraid my personal balcony may be moving further away of the CISV epicenter, since I'm to busy with other things, can't attend AIM, let alone a CISV programme. It does require a certain amount of "involvedness" and that also includes having friends and family deeply involved in the organization - which is another source of my input that is waning.

But for now, especially after being around at AIM 2010, I feel confident enough to comment on any new developments, keep firing out (devilish) suggestions, engage in discussions and criticize everything I believe could be better. So for 2011 you can expect another round of juicy posts that will keep you CISV brain busy.

I also hope people will continue commenting - preferably here on the website, but on facebook it's also o.k. I also appreciate input by e-mail, as repeatedly done by people like Lars/NOR, Sarah/USA and Helene/DEN. Thanks, keep the stuff coming!

One final Christmas wish: FTB's audience is growing, but still not huge. This is mostly because there's probably just not enough CISV nerds around the world to be interested in this stuff. But it would be a shame if people were, and hadn't heard of it. So if you're on facebook, please suggest the FTB facebook page to your friends  - once -  I won't ask again, promised! The more people receive the articles, the motivation I will have and the better the discussions will be.

Thanks and a good start into 2011, everyone.

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Thanks for all of the hard work Nick! I know that other CISV nerds like myself appreciate it :-).

Have a great Christmas and a happy new year!

Isn't CISV devils dead? Like the parrot in the Monty Python scetch? No new proposals in almost 2 years, and no comments just as long? We should remove dead homepages from the pool... That's called "survival of the fittest" ;-)

Flo, the link was a pure reference, of course the site is dead - it's the spirit that lives on.

@Nick: I definitely hope that the spirit lives on... where would we go if we stopped thinking radically new thoughts? Oh, wait....

One question here that came to mind - would we want to do something more central in CISV? Where all CISVers could blog and interlink? I was thinking about something like a blogs.cisv.org, maybe with more critical writers in one place. (As far as I know this is the only CISV blog that goes deep into what we do as an organisation - if Nick's balcony moves too far away from the epicentre we would be left with none.)

I am not sure if this would "defeat the purpose" of being an independent critic or not. Neither am I sure if there are enough CISV Bloggers out there...

Thoughts appreciated. :)

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