South Africa.

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Maybe a top-down approach could improve our global outreach.

Every once in a while, the topic of the lost continent reemerges in CISV: Whatever happened to Africa? In the 80s people were still optimistic about getting NAs started in Africa but since around 2000 it almost seemed like we're giving up. Egypt and Algeria aside, we hardly record any participants from the world's largest continent:


Quite obviously the chance of running a good CISV chapter is linked to the economic situation of a country (see Argentina) and the political stability. The number one country to get a foot into Africa is quite obviously South Africa - but sadly, it's nowhere to be found on the CISV map.

Usually our promotional efforts to start a new CISV country start off with a grassroots initiative that is then supported by the international organisation. But even though a top-down approach seems less attractive, I wonder whether CISV could specifically invest in getting an NA started in South Africa.

Establishing a strong CISV association in that country has many advantages: Furthermost we add another flavour of culture into our blend, Then, South Africa is a country, that I guess many parents would be more willing to send their children to (as opposed to i.e. Congo). Furthermore, travel costs to South Africa are ok, due to its touristic popularity. Finally, it could serve as a hub for other African countries, when travel costs to Europe, Asia or the Americas are hardly affordable.

FIFA brought the world cup to South Africa, now CISV should bring them the village programme!

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CISV GB is currently trying to start CISV in South Africa with a number of contacts that we have there. We also believe that this is good time for CISV in South Africa, and a great opportunity which we may have. Watch this space.

Over at Facebook, there's an interesting discussion, how best to start "invading" a new country:!/notes/cisv-from-the-balcony/south-africa/426875074606

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