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A recent article in the Wall Street Journal explored how languages define the way we think, perceive, communicate and collaborate:

  • Languages shape how we view space and time: for example, if we arrange time from east to west or north to south, or if we view the future as moving forward or moving backward.
  • Languages also shape how we understand causality: our native tongue may affect eyewitness accounts of who was responsible for accidental vs. international events - and even our interpretation of whether Justin Timberlake was responsible for Janet Jackson's 'wardrobe malfunction' - or if the wardrobe broke on its own.
So, to take this one step further: True cultural competence could probably only be achieved by acquiring a particular language. Thus, offering language lessons may yet be another way for CISV to reach its goals. A four-week CISV compact course in Portuguese in San Jose dos Campos, anyone?

(via Sarah/USA)

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Though the course could be in São Paulo or Rio? Trust me, Sao José dos Campos accent is not fun. hahaha

Hahaha, Ok ok, I leave here but I kind of agree with Mau...

It is funny, because doing the first researches that was done by Doris Allen and the other leaders of CISV int. back then, they wanted Esperanto to be the officlal language of CISV and not english.

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