Brazil 1999

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Part II in a series of AIM nostalgia.

Before moving another fat IBM folder to the recycled paper basket, I took the chance to review what happened in that year. I couldn't find as many interesting quotes, as I did for IBM 1999 in Denmark, but a few memories came back:

- IBM 1999 was held in a beautiful colonial-style hotel right across the beach about an hour from Sao Paulo. I was a senior NJR and my second IJBC and IBM, which made loads easier to find my way between all the busy committees and meetings, and also more relaxing.
- One of the most exciting things was the appointment of a new Secretary General. Joe Banks, who had filled the position by I would guess almost two decades, was replaced by Gaby, who was the only female and also youngest candidate.
- A lot of time and energy was spent on controversial issue around the Educational Development and Research committee chaired by Delia/CRC.
- Peer-Ole/GER was elected IJR being the third (and last) German in this position within 6 years.
- I believe that the first End-Of-The-World party took place in Brazil, and I would say the only one that ever deserved that name. Unfortunately I had a bad cold, and went to bad before it even started.

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