Real Life Trustees.

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Today at AIM, the trustees told us what they do in their real life, so here are the statistics:

13 are students (sociology (2), anthropology, management, law (3), economics, finance, medicine, education, administration).

As expected the top 5 includes teachers (7), information technology people (4), doctors (4), lawyers (4) and working for NGOs (4).

Anybody worried about our budget should welcome the fact that we have two bankers two acountants, and one person working in finance in our board.

Other trustees apparently deal with interesting products such as refrigerators, essential oils, wine and "oil and gas". 

The others do stuff like sales and marketing, finance, insurance, politics, urban studies,
marketing, graphic design, botanics, American studies, business development, business development, education,, human resources, consulting, art museum, design, communications, human rights, career advising, civil service and financial advising.

Finally, one trustee is "at home", and one is retired.

The biggest laughs got the trustee, who presented himself as a "former industry spy".

Thanks to Lars/NOR who did the statistics.

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Very entertaining statistic – thanks to the two of you.
However – a note on the side.
Over the last years, when hearing talking people about what they do as a profession, I have found it irritating, how many of them use the phrase β€žin my real life I do...β€œ
How is this possible? Do they morph into a completely different person when being at AIM? Do they split the day? Do they only work for CISV at AIM?
I've always considered CISV being a PART of my REAL life just as much as my job, friends, family rather than something that is happening in a parallel world.

I'm surprised that out of all the trustees present at AIM, none are engineers! Wonder why though. Coincidence or something beyond coincidence?

ANNA CISV is the new Narnia u go into the plenary its over, grab your sword get ready for the lions

I was also making a list of the trustee professions, just on paper instead. I cant seem to find the part time producer/DJ on the list, he was a classic!

I was also making a list of the trustee professions, just on paper instead. I cant seem to find the part time producer/DJ on the list, he was a classic!

lol, why a classic?
its true, i aint getting no sleep

anna, i so agree with you!
so so so much. i have also met this phenomenon in other organisations, with totally different topics and similar topics and i wonder -
it must be hard to life more than one life at the same time. i mean, of course there are different aspects to it and different times or priorities but at least i feel that every aspect has an influence on the other and can't be seperated so much.
i'm actually quite happy that there can be so many different things happening in one life

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