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A wiki-based database of the ethical standards of companies. (NGOYSK)

brought my attention to Tarek has summarized it all beautifully, so please read his article.

knowmore.pngI especially like their graphic color-coded display of the 5 important ethical areas, as seen in here in the Microsoft example.

I spent a few minutes entering the names of companies of products that I could spot in our living room, and discovered that there is still some work to do: IKEA and Kenwood for example aren't even listed yet, Philips is, but has no ratings.

How about a Mosaic-minicamp spent on researching companies and entering them into the Knowmore database?

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i very much like the idea of knowmore, im sure it will help people make more informed decission on what companies to support.
Though I'm wondering how reliable the information of an open plattform is concerning this sort of information. i mean in comparison to the regular wikipedia this site shows what companies are doing wrong which might include a higher emotional component, for example people hating microsoft might have a higher interest in making them look bad on that page
ofcourse that risk is always present with open forums, and it usually works out great
my question is how could cisv benefit from this homepage as well as make them benefit? ofcourse not using a bad companies products jumps to mind, but have you seen how many people are using apple lately?
i guess the main purpose is awareness
so how could knowmore benefit from cisv? you said a mosaicproject, which seems fair, but what lmo would you work with on a local level? seems more like a job for jb to me, though it's a lot less action than the usual jb activity... i'd definitely like to see something happening there
also: i find it very interesting how you chose a microsoft-graphic to illustrate the website and tarek used a screenshot of the apple-website

Haha...the microsoft/apple thing was not on purpose. Excellent.

I agree that an "ethics check" is something easily biased and maybe only moderately reasonable as an open source project. But that's the same kind of criticism Wikipedia received, when they started, and it does work out for an encyclopedia, so why not for

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