Hockey players wanted.

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GOOD magazine is starting a new series offering practical advice on how to bring good ideas to live:

Most ideas never fully happen. It's a sad truth. There are probably more half-written novels in the world than there are novels, and the majority of new business ideas and solutions to society's gravest problems will never see the light of day. Yes, you may conceive something brilliant, great execution is rare: Without sound leadership, our natural creative tendencies become obstacles. Idealists, driven by a passion for what is right and good, are especially susceptible to obstacles that obstruct our progress. "Making Good Ideas Happen" is the first in a series of columns about transforming well-intentioned vision into reality. We will examine how some individuals and teams are defying the odds and pushing the world forward with their ideas. We will not talk about ideas. No inspiration here! Instead, we will focus on the key realizations and methods that are making ideas happen. Meet Michael Karnjanaprakorn. You might know Karnjanaprakorn for the social innovation conference known as The Feast, the "professional introduction" service By Association, or the new creative agency Lovely Day--to name only a few of his projects. Karnjanaprakorn is a creative genius, and all of his businesses are fascinating. But was his surplus of great ideas becoming a vice? I asked him just that over lunch recently: Would the sheer quantity of his projects compromise the impact he would ultimately make? Karnjanaprakorn shared the same concerns. He had plans for his next conference,...

ice-hockey-player.jpgI guess the "idea-to-idea"-syndrom is also what CISV suffers from occasionally. And I'll have to include the FTB blog here as well, because I'm offering ideas only, no action. However, I've always admired people who made things happen - more than those who claim to have had the idea first. In the internet age, there's an abundance of ideas on any possible topic, but "walk the talk" makes a difference. CISV, like any other organisation, needs people who can listen to others, filter out the realistic and worthwhile ideas, and turn them into reality. My friend Sanna once told me that in Sweden you call these people "hockey players".

This summer we'll have elections for the IEC (International Executive Committee) and IJRs, of course. Look out for the hockey players!

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Indeed hockey players will be needed to guide CISV in the second round of Strategic planning.
But mostly to make CISV wake up to the 21st century. walking the talk is difficult, and lonely. But mostly it takes huge shoulders to go by with the critic (CISV favourite sport) untouched.
I do not know who the candidates are (it seems no one in CISV found it useful or at least transparent to make such and information available to anyone interested in it). Whoever they are (apart from the status quo who I am betting will be try to run again) whatever they sell, make a single question to them before electing them. Are they prepared to be held accountable?

I know that the IJR election process is well documented, with both candidates listed here:

I have no clue what is up with IEC elections. Good point about the lack of transparency Elenita

Elenita; being held accountable is very hard when you have to depend solely on the willingness of the members to follow.

In a vote I suspect an administrator, going mainly with the flow, is more likely to get elected than somebody with radical (read: scary) ideas.

After double checking with CISV International's Twitter, no information regarding IEC elections has been published. That's good to know. Hopefully they'll publish something soon.

In other news, kudos to the IO for being a responsive social media user!

The list of candidates was sent to the trustees today, along with their questionnaires so that you can find out about the candidates and their ideas.

For President:

Brett Vottero, USA

Lene Eltvik, NOR

Graeme Munro, AUS

For Vice President:

Pilar Villanueva, PHI

For Executive Trustees:

Sarah Montgomery, USA

Laura Green, GB

Basma Hosny, EGY

Maria Guadalupe Guzman, ELS

Mariana Ayam, ARG

Thanks Sarah, for posting the list of candidates. It's a shame that we can't find anything online, but that may be a policy thing. IO update would be the place I would otherwise expect it...maybe it will appear there some time soon.

It's more than a good metaphor: Haitian-Canadian, former Montreal Canadian will run for the Green Party of Canada in Canada's next election. Very interesting radio interview with Georges Laraque about hockey, race and politics. (

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