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Karo/GER ran From The Balcony through the Worlde application. This is the result, depicting the most common used words:


Per ist the most famous indiciudal, Great Britain the most prominent NA. But everything is dwarfed by the word "administration". Interesting.

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Handy that Per is named the same as e.g. 6 pounds PER participant PER day

Not that Per isn't hot enough to be "the most famous individual", but "per" can also be a word - as in "participants per country" or "individuals per programme".

no offense, per. you know I'm a fan ; )

As a trained and passionate Wordle user, I feel obliged to clarify a bit. Wordle differentiates between upper and lower case letters. That means that "per" is the word, not the name. And GBP is the currency, not a country. Sorry.

And as Wordle automatically leaves out numbers, it would seem that phrases like "6 GBP per participant" have been used a lot here.

Try Wordle yourself - it's amazing! I have run several Shakespeare plays and even the whole Bible through it: http://www.wordle.net/gallery?username=vinh

Thanks, Vinh for the clarification. I must have been a bit tired, when I mistook GBP for GB. And no fame for Per either. Too bad. Still nice.

Love wordle too. Used it several times.
I think it is a great (easy) way to visualize a text / site (as in this case).

So the wordle basically shows the main words that has been used here on the balcony. My intepretation then is that these words also describes some of the themes that we have been discussing. And I think it is interessting to see how the words "administration" "fee" "GBP" "participants" "per" "pounds" are some of the most used words and themes of this balcony when what we actually do in CISV is training. More specifically Peace Education.

So is this because these words / themes has been removed by wordle? or is it simply because we don't discuss our training and peace education that much? And if that is the case- how come, and should we discuss it more?

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