Pacing down....a bit.

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Editorial note.

For the last months I have been eagerly trying to stick to a rhythm of two posts per week here at FTB. There have been evenings, where ideas just kept flowing, and I would pre-edit something like 5 or 6 posts ready to be published. Sometimes, I just couldn't wait to get my ideas out "to the public". Recently I'm realizing that FTB has lost a tiny bit of its initial fun, and even stressed be a little, when I had other things on my mind. So....I've decided to pace it down just a little bit, so that I don't get stressed and I still enjoy it. So, from now on, please don't expect more than 1 long article per week, which will usually be posted on Mondays.

However, to keep the page alive, you'll be finding more short posts, such as links, or pictures, or "thoughts" that I find interesting, without the usual "bling" = pictures, references, etc.

Also, I've contacted a few people, that I value for their views and ideas, and asked them to contribute, whatever they had in mind. So, I'm excited to present the first "Guest Post" shortly, and welcome anybody who wishes to "air" something that fits this webpage to send me an article.

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