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CISV on the net - in- and outside of Facebook.

Today I uploaded a new picture to the CISV shirts page, and since I haven't received too many new pictures recently, I thought I'll do a little more promotion for the shirts collection website, which by the way still attracts about 10 visitors a day: I added a link (with the latest picture, check the sidebar) here on the FTB page and created a Facebook page.

It's not only me: It seems as if we are increasingly promoting CISV stuff on two levels in the net: On the "real" internet, and inside Facebook. Mosquito tactics is doing it, the CISV Arrows project is there and of course this website is present on both levels.

 Obviously the two "universes" have their individual advantages:

"Real Internet":
- Searchable through Google
- Accesible to everybody
- Can have any possible design, layout and technology

- Appears automatically on people's updates
- Very easy to set up.
- Is promoted directly to the people interested

It seems silly to go both ways, because it's more work. Also, discussion threads aren't united at one place. Nevertheless, I guess we'll have to wait until new technology (maybe Google Wave?) arrives, before we can spare one universe.

Further Reading: Internet Usability Guru Jakob Nielsen compares RSS and Social Networks.

(I'm filing this under CISV Hacks because between the lines I am in fact promoting the use of Facebook to promote your CISV project. At least for FTB it is working quite nicely.)

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