Periodic Acronyms.

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Karo/Germany created a periodic table of CISV acronyms. Fantastic.
Just curious that "MOSAIC" is the acronym for Local Work. Does the IMC know?

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well...that actually was my personal hidden joke ;)

This is a brilliant piece of work, Karo.

Something I have noticed...

Sometimes Nick writes about the Mosaic as if the program doesn't have a sense of humour about itself. As if Mosaic is like that little kid on the playground who used to wear his older sister's clothes. He always got teased about them but he doesn't wear them anymore. But now he gets really embarrassed and defensive whenever another kid brings it up.

Well, Mosaic is that kid.
But it's not embarrassed.

Local Work is those awkward clothes. Mosaic knows they weren't cool. But Mosaic likes to laugh about them. Just like you.

And Mosaic knows that its new style is pretty slick.

@Alex: I just can't help mocking about Mosaic- sorry. I guess it's because of the "slick cloths" thing. I believe that LW/Mosaic has been "underachieving" for years, despite being everybody's darling for so long. The "rebranding" in 2005 (and of course the structural/content changes) may eventually lead to long-term success. I do hope so.

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