The Stockholm conspiracy.

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In the past decade a few attempts have been made to move IO away from Newcastle. There are many reasons, that I don't want to elaborate here, but these days I wonder if maybe a conspiracy is taking place moving the IO to Sweden, without anybody noticing.

Here are my clues:

- The Mosaic magazine was printed and distributed in Stockholm.
- With the employment of Bebe as the new operations manager, somebody is already bringing Swedish culture into the international office.
- The infamous A.A. is enjoying a double position as IEC-trustee and secretary general of CISV Sweden.
- Mosquito tactics, an innovative document is being printed and promoted from Sweden.
- The upcoming chair of the Educations and Research Committee Rodolfo moved to the South of Sweden not to long ago.
- With two further members from Norway the IEC is under an Scandinavian influence anyway, with Norway itself being out of the question due to high labour costs.
- The city of Stockholm managed to attract British Nic as an intern at CISV Sweden's office, why shouldn't it also attract members of the IO staff.

We'll have to all makes sense.

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Well, conspiracy or not, it must be moved past the board before anything gets moved anywhere, and as before I suspect the results will be like previously...

We might see benefits in being in a more hip location, but that the expense of moving (double staff, double location, organisational "drain" = lack of capacity to take on other projects than moving) will be too high...

And; if we are able to send tons of interns to Newcastle, why not carry on with it? (Maybe it is more a question of "how many short term vs. long term employees" do we want.)

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