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About ten years ago Yann (FRA) and Luca (ITA) chilled in front of a fireplace somewhere in France or Italy and were wondering how to spend the Millenium New Years: Both active CISVers couldn't think of any better way than to spend it with their friends from past camps, AIMs or chapter boards. Not before long they had rented a house in the French alps near the ski resort Chatel, created a website and started e-mailing people around the world.


In the end around 130 people participated - they even had to rent a few rooms in another house -  the snow was fantastic, there were great parties every evening, and I'll never forget how we celebrated New Years every hour according to the timezone of the participants' home countries beginning in New Zealand around noon, and ending at six in the morning with Brazil.

Even if there was no specific education content in this non-CISV-activity it still shows, that few people can make a difference: An idea can turn into something huge. Or, if you like, Yann and Luca were like Mosquitos.

The original website of the Tommycamp (designed by Fred (ITA)) is still up with a bunch of pictures, and I recently created a Facebook group for everybody who participated. The comic strip above was part of the "marketing" campaign - there was a new one every week before Tommycamp started.

In the years following Tommycamp, there were a few spin-offs, one even in Colombia, with the biggest one calles "ReTommy Camp" in 2003/2004. So, who's going to make the ten-years anniversary Tommycamp happen?

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