CISV Sweden one step ahead...again.

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About 6 years ago CISV Sweden launched a new website that was so much ahead of any other CISV website, I was very impressed. CISV Denmark and Norway were smart enough to take advantage, and re-use the design instead of creating their own versions.

Last week CISV Sweden relaunched a new website, that yet again looks great, interactive, up-to-date and even follows international branding guidelines. Compared to that, virtual CISV International looks dull, boring and static. How about the international organisation follow Denmark and Norway's example and re-uses the work already completed?

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Only problem with the new Swedish website is that Norway and Sweden is now abandoned on the previous web platform, which is no longer developed.

Given the experiences from the last time around it will be interesting to see which direction they will choose as the are now forced to go out and develop something new again.

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